Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finding A New Band

I know sometimes I say that I don't do anything besides eat, work and sleep, but every once in a while I do go out to have a  good time. It's usually with the same bunch of ladies, at the usual place(s), listening to the usual band, drinking the usual.  I found out two weeks ago that the "usual" won't be around in the fall.

My "usual" hangouts are Povlitski's in Spring Lake Park or Maxx's in Ham Lake.  My "usual" ladies are my sister, L (from the dental office), L's sister, and L's next door neighbor (whom my sister and I are a very distant relative too).  Our "usual" band is High Noon.  I'm a fan of them on Facebook....I've posted them on my status many times.  I'm a groupie without being over-the-top or slutty about it.  Although I can't speak for L. 

The part that is going to change is that High Noon is hanging up their guitars.  When I heard about it 2 weeks ago, my jaw hit the floor.  My first thought was "Well, now what are we supposed to do?".  The answer to that is enjoy our last couple of months together.  Every time they are in town for a gig, we'll be there.  Next one is the weekend after Easter, both Friday and Saturday night at Povlitski's.  Ladies drink free from 9-midnight.

The second answer is finding a replacement.  And these are some BIG shoes to fill.  It's gotta be country and it's GOT to be a male group.  Drooling over the fiddle player has to remain the constant.  So last night, J and I headed to Povlitski's to see what The Killer Hayseeds has to offer.  L's only seen them once, but that was many years ago when she wasn't into country music.  J's heard them once or twice.  This would be my first time so I had to do some Googling. They looked okay.

When paying my cover I asked the cashier if this band was any good.  He said "most definitely.  A mixture of rock and country."  Dang...I had my heart set on disliking them.  And the first set didn't disappoint my expectations.  I hated it.  I was used to six guys, all good looking (drummer, pianist, fiddler, bass, electric and acoustic guitars) with 3 guys doing lead vocals.  The Killer Hayseeds is 4 guys, all middle aged (drummer, pianist and 2 guitars: bass and electric) and only 2 guys doing leads.  The music was so loud it drown out the vocals.  Couldn't hear a thing.  Too much banter between songs...shut up and get-a-playing.  Didn't know most of the songs.  I think I heard something about an Eagles tune.  The Eagles are not country....good time for a bathroom break and a refill.

I was well into my 3rd cocktail, the room was spinning and now they actually sounded pretty good.  They quit playing rock and stuck with country tunes for the rest of the night.  Sweet!  Next time (if there ever is a next time) I make sure not to show up 'til 10:30 and to have 3 Diet Rum's down my throat.

Next bands on the list are Citizen's Arrest, Big Twang, Shawn Wyatt, Brian Mac Band, 6 Wheel Drive and The Roosters.  I think I'll find a rhinestone in there somewhere.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Car Troubles

I need a new car.  I would love a new car.
But being that I can't afford one and I love even more that I don't have a car payment, I surrender to having to deal with my '01 Chevy Lumina. And my anti-brake warning light.

It's come on while driving 4 times in the last week.  I took my car into Main Motors to have it checked out, hoping it was just an electrical issues and it needed to be reset.  No such luck.  They gave me a quote of <$800.00 to replace my hub and harness.  Don't really know what that stuff is but I'll go with it.  I don't have that much $$ just laying around.  I do have a savings, but for emergencies only.  Like paying a deductible for the insurance on a new roof or driveway.  Or being admitted to the hospital.  Or a last minute trip to Mexico because I need a delicious margarita and I can only find it in a place with the bluest waters and the whitest sands.  Ahhh!

Right, let's get back on track.  After making sure my car was still safe to drive, I left without an appointment to fix it.  That's something I'm very proud of.  I have a hard time saying NO!  I did some shopping around.  I work with a girl at the dental office who's father is a mechanic, except he only works on Fords.  Oh, the horror.  But he has a buddy he trusts that has more experience with Chevys.  He could do it under $400.  Even better.

Last weekend I happened to be Up North for my dad's birthday and told him everything that's been going on with my car.  He wanted to see how much it would cost to get it fix in the local shop.  He made an appointment for me for tomorrow.  The quote: just over $200.  SWEET.  That's a $600 savings. 

It's amazing how expensive it is in the cities.  My parents pay $20 bucks to get there taxes done.  It cost me $95.  Geez.  Now's the time to win Birthday Bucks on KS95.  Better put them on speed dial.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Ideas

Well since it's been almost a month since my last post, I guess it's time for another entry.

Not much has happened.  No real big news...well, not exactly.  My cousin Melissa had a baby boy February 25th.  Paul Aaron.  19 inches, 6 lbs. 4 oz.  Haven't seen him yet, but not for the lack of trying.  But pictures look adorable.

Melissa's mom is putting on a baby shower in April, once she and Grandpa are back to being Minnesotans and not snowbirds.  I helped out making the invitations last fall so J could do them while traveling across the southern states.  They are super cute.  Little diapers (tri-fold) with a 3-D pin.

Just last week I heard that my sister and I are in charge of games.  I haven't been to many baby showers post-baby.  So many of the ones I do know, won't fit.  I have heard of the melted chocolate bar in a diaper.  But I know my stomach won't be able to handle a Snickers bar.  That's going to be nasty.  Or a Carmello.....that's going to be runny!

If anyone has ideas, could you please pass them along.  Thanks.