Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Ideas

I don't know about you, but I have the worst time Christmas shopping for my parents.  Make that shopping for presents in general.  I have trouble for birthdays and Mother's/Father's Day too.  I usually just resort to flowers and candy and then and I.O.U. for dinner somewhere where I pay.  I have yet to take my parents out for dinner.  They're not the "dining-out" kind of people.  At least not to the restaurants I patronize.

But I want to make this year different and I think I have a wonderful idea.  The probability of my parents reading this is pretty low, near impossible, so I'm going to share my idea.  My mom wouldn't even now where the on button is on the computer and if it's not a power-tool, my dad won't use it.
Mom and Dad usually head into the city (ie. St. Cloud) once or twice a month and when they go, sometimes they hit the movie theater.  In the past, they have even done a double feature.  Not one right after the other, but maybe lunch or a little shopping at Menard between flicks.  Even though they don't eat out much (mom prefers home cooking), they do love Bonanza.  I can't believe those are still around.  I guess it's the "small town" version of Old Country Buffet. So here it is.... a date in a box.

The Waite Park theater is a Marcus Cinema Theater.  I'll stop in at Elk River this weekend and pick up a gift card.  I'll also buy some movie-themed snacks....buttered popcorn bags, Raisinettes, chocolate covered peanuts, little Diet Pepsi bottles, things like that.  I'm also going to get a Visa GiftCard from the bank and I'll print off a picture of a steak dinner and attach the gift card to the pic.  (It's a long trip to St. Cloud just to get a G.C. for Bonanza.)

Mom loves to bake, so I'm also going to put a couple bags of dates (ie. the fruit) in the box too.  A little play on words that good for digestion and regularity and maybe a little flatulence.  I'm not going to supply the candles though.  Dad has to do some work too, you know!

Any other ideas you might have, I'd love to hear them.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tipsy Jules ......21+.

Wow.  Keeping a blog is much harder than it looks.  I guess I lack inspiration about things to talk about.  Todays topic is the weekend I just had.

Friday was our Holiday Party for my FT job.  (Side note: I also have a PT job....that Xmas party hasn't happened yet.  Stay Tuned. )  We had it at LaCasita, which is a yummy place that has a Happy Hour Salsa Bar and $1 off House Margaritas.  Get a bunch of dental people together and we turn into lushes.

The evening started out well.  The first Strawberry Margarita went down smooth and fast.  Hey, I was thirsty.  This is probably a good time to tell you a little about my drinking habits.  I have none.  I drink few and far between.  I don't need alcohol to have fun but if I do choose to drink, I prefer girlie ones to beer.  My poison of choice is Mailbu Diets, Colorado Bulldogs, or Amaretto Sours.  I try to be responsible; to not drink and drive.  I've never really had a headache, much less a hangover after a night of drinking.  The thought of hanging my head in the toilet and puking does not sound very fun.  So I consider Friday night to be a milestone.

I wasn't planning on having anymore except they made Dr. T's wrong.  She asked for a Melon Margarita on the rocks instead of blended.  And instead of having them toss it down the drain, I took it.  It all went down hill from there.

The Fiesta Party was wonderful.  Great fun, great gifts.  The company party ended and the after-party began.
It was too early to head out on the town, so a bunch of us girls headed to someone's house just to hang out.  What to do to pass the time you ask?  What else but do shots while playing "Scene It! The Disney Addition".  A little Strawberry Smirnoff, Grey Goose, and some kind of grape Vodka that tastes like expired Dimetapp.  Unfortunately, there is proof of our misdeeds.  There was a camera or two.

Ten O'clock came around and it was time to hit the city.  C.'s husband was nice enough to be our chauffeur.  He dropped us off at the Wild Onion and picked us up later.  A very good driver might I add.

Once we got there, all restraint went out the window. With a sober cab, I finally had a chance to let loose.   Let's see if I can count.  Between 4-7pm, two Margaritas.  Between 7-10pm, at least six-seven shots plus some mixed drinks.  Between 10-2pm, six more.

1.)      Cherry Bomb:   Tastes like a cherry tootsie pop.  Places high on the list of yumminess.
2.)      Apple Pie:  Not memorable.  I know it was green in a short glass.
3.)      Chocolate Cake:  I've had better.  This is a lick, shoot, suck.  The aftertaste is supposed to taste like    chocolate cake.  I could only taste sourness from the lemon.
4.)      Lemon Drop:  I'd pass next time.  Again, a lick, shoot, suck.  Too much sourness!
5.)      I believe there may have been another Apple Pie.  I can't be too sure.  I remember seeing green glasses again, but I don't know if I did it or not.
6.)      Starburst:  This one was another yummy one.  Should have had another.

During this whole time, there was great music playing.  Stuff that you could actually dance too.  And there were cute guys surrounding us on all sides.  I won't talk about that.  That's another entry entirely.  I  don't want to give all my secrets away.

Some of us slept over a C.'s place.  We were in now condition to drive ourselves home.  Saturday was an experience too.  I've never felt so exhausted.  I could almost compare it to having the flu.  I didn't get sick, but just wanted the sun to go away so I could sleep.

I know this isn't what I'm supposed to say....especially online where people might get the wrong impression.  It's taboo.  Someone talking about there drinking parties doesn't look good.   But I am very proud of myself.  I finally did something that was out of character.  I tried something and had new experiences.  I can now say that I had my first hangover and I'm not going to feel bad about it.