Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Alarm Clocks

I am pretty picky with the type of alarm clock I use.
It needs to have a FM radio and a CD player.
But the most important part is that it needs to have RED lights.
I can’t stand green or blue numbers.  Those emit too much light in my room to sleep.  I need it to be as dark as possible.

I'm having alarm clock issues as it's over a decade old and is starting to show its age.
It gains time.  I press the snooze button A LOT!!  And every time I hit snooze, it adds time.  This past week I had to reset the time because it was 24 minutes fast.  I do like the time to be a little fast because it gives me some snooze cushion time.  But 24 minutes is too much.
The alarm isn't reliable.  And  I think there's a correlation to me falling asleep while listening to the radio.  I will set the radio to turn off after 15 or 20 minutes.  But then in the morning, the alarm doesn't go off on the time I set it at.  It will go off 9 minutes past the set alarm if I had already hit the snooze button.  Twice this month I had overslept because it didn't go off at all which made me come thisclose to missing work.  But this last time I had slept in 10 minutes PAST the time I was supposed to leave for work.  I got up, got dressed and left the house with no makeup and bed hair.  I prefer to save au naturale for when I have an excuse to look that being sick. I am shopping for a new alarm clock.  I am dreading it because I love the one I have.  I just wish it would work.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Colors

My fall season has officially begun. 

Fall brings Honey Crisp apples, Chili, changing of the leaves.  And also changing of the hair color.

Gone are the days of blonde high-lights and carmel low-lights.

Now is the season of the dark mocha brunette with low-lights of deep reds and purples.  I told my hair stylist to think like a Cherry Tootsie Rollpop. 

She does such an awesome job.  But unfortunately, I won't look as sexy tomorrow morning as I do tonight.  I wish I has a celebrity just so I could have my own personal hair and make-up stylists.

The Final Project

Remember reading about this summer project that my mom helped me with?

Well, it's finally all finished and sitting in my house.

My parent's neighbor is a carpenter and my mom had him fix up the drawers, rails and backing.
The drawers were in rough shape, but with some new plywood it looks wonderful.  He even put the hardware on for me. 

With my new "buffet" table in its home between my dining room and living room, my giant wall looked a little drab.  So off to HomeGoods,  Michael's, Bed Bath & Beyond I went.  I found a couple of things that I could picture in my house but they were sculptures.  I wanted something more of the lines of framed art.  Then I thought about JoAnn's.  They have framed pictures/paintings.  And I struck gold.  Three frames, one larger than the other two.  The larger is a little different than the smaller but they compliment each other.

All that's left is to fill the drawers.  With what?  Who knows?