Thursday, March 25, 2010

Car Troubles

I need a new car.  I would love a new car.
But being that I can't afford one and I love even more that I don't have a car payment, I surrender to having to deal with my '01 Chevy Lumina. And my anti-brake warning light.

It's come on while driving 4 times in the last week.  I took my car into Main Motors to have it checked out, hoping it was just an electrical issues and it needed to be reset.  No such luck.  They gave me a quote of <$800.00 to replace my hub and harness.  Don't really know what that stuff is but I'll go with it.  I don't have that much $$ just laying around.  I do have a savings, but for emergencies only.  Like paying a deductible for the insurance on a new roof or driveway.  Or being admitted to the hospital.  Or a last minute trip to Mexico because I need a delicious margarita and I can only find it in a place with the bluest waters and the whitest sands.  Ahhh!

Right, let's get back on track.  After making sure my car was still safe to drive, I left without an appointment to fix it.  That's something I'm very proud of.  I have a hard time saying NO!  I did some shopping around.  I work with a girl at the dental office who's father is a mechanic, except he only works on Fords.  Oh, the horror.  But he has a buddy he trusts that has more experience with Chevys.  He could do it under $400.  Even better.

Last weekend I happened to be Up North for my dad's birthday and told him everything that's been going on with my car.  He wanted to see how much it would cost to get it fix in the local shop.  He made an appointment for me for tomorrow.  The quote: just over $200.  SWEET.  That's a $600 savings. 

It's amazing how expensive it is in the cities.  My parents pay $20 bucks to get there taxes done.  It cost me $95.  Geez.  Now's the time to win Birthday Bucks on KS95.  Better put them on speed dial.


Gina said...

Wow that is crazy how much of a difference there is where your parent's live and in the cities. Well at least you will be able to get it fixed and hopefully not dip into your savings!

Beth said...

I hear you on the car thing - we just paid mine off and of course now things are going wrong with it, but I am going to do my best to drive it into the ground! Now Nate's on the other hand...the transmission is going. We're going to have to shell out for his, but at least we've owned that one outright for awhile now!