Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pepe Le Pew

Last night my sister and I were on our way home from DT Minneapolis after seeing Wicked.  We were almost to the point that you call "we're almost home".  You know the place....where you've been on vacation for a week and you're heading back into town and it's the place where you EXIT OFF the freeway.  We're almost home!

Getting off topic here.  Anyhow we weren't even 15 minutes outside Minneapolis and we smelled a lovely? smell.  Skunk.

First I was a little shocked that there were skunks so close to the cities.
Second thought was we're not in the cities anymore.  We're just on the same freeway.

This led to a discussion for the rest of the 10 minute trip home.  Would you rather?

Would you rather smell skunk or manure?
Would you rather smell cow or pig?

Being that my parents live Up North in farm country, I heard my mom complain about all the smells that waif into her kitchen.  It kind of ruins the excitement for the brownies.  Her answer would never be manure. 
My mom's dad had a pig farm and I believe his answer would be pigs.
Um...I think I'll take skunk and cows this time around. 

So...I just proposed an interactive question with my readers.  Which would you rather?