Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Final Project

Remember reading about this summer project that my mom helped me with?

Well, it's finally all finished and sitting in my house.

My parent's neighbor is a carpenter and my mom had him fix up the drawers, rails and backing.
The drawers were in rough shape, but with some new plywood it looks wonderful.  He even put the hardware on for me. 

With my new "buffet" table in its home between my dining room and living room, my giant wall looked a little drab.  So off to HomeGoods,  Michael's, Bed Bath & Beyond I went.  I found a couple of things that I could picture in my house but they were sculptures.  I wanted something more of the lines of framed art.  Then I thought about JoAnn's.  They have framed pictures/paintings.  And I struck gold.  Three frames, one larger than the other two.  The larger is a little different than the smaller but they compliment each other.

All that's left is to fill the drawers.  With what?  Who knows?


simplicity said...

Looks great!

And can't believe you don't know what to fill the drawers with. I could find a thing or two! haha