Monday, July 23, 2012

Meyer Cousing Get-Together...for Joey

On Sunday, we had a Meyer cousin get-together.  (Sorry we missed you Joey! )  Uncle Ronnie and your parents were there too, of course.  We should have taken a picture of all of us, but thought of it too late after Missy and Aaron had left.

A couple of cute things happend...all involving Paul.

When Missy and Aaron first arrived, Fritz, Kelly, Jean and I were finishing a round of Rummy.  Dad was sleeping in the recliner (his usual place and activity), Mom and Darlene were watching us from the couches.  Missy and Aaron were tired from the drive so "Aunt Mary" was asked to play " Lightning McQueen ".  Mom didn't know what that was.  Missy explained that it meant playing with cars.

Mom did her best but she kept getting lapped around the couch.  And with the hardwood floors, the cars really flew! Way better than Missy and Aaron's tile.  She got pooped out after 20 or so minutes and said that her cars had to go in the garage.  One had a " flat tire " and the other had a " hot radiator and needed to cool off ".  Paul didn't really understand all that, but continued to play by himself.

When we finished our hand of Rummy, I wanted to play " Lightning McQueen ".  But Paul said... "No. Flat tire. " 
Julie: "But we can get that fixed at Luigi's."
Paul:  doesn't say anything.  Just looks at me.
Julie:  "Isn't Luigi's the place that fixes cars?"
Paul:  still quiet
Julie:  grabs Paul's neon green Croc, sticks Paul's car with the " flat tire " inside, makes some weird air gun/bolt remover noises that everyone hears in a mechanic's garage, takes Paul's car out..."See, all fixed up."

And we proceed to play " Lightning McQueen ".  Mysteriously, the one with the over-heated radiator is all better too!

After we got tired of playing cars, I thought it would be a great time to introduce my favorite thing as a kid....building forts.  Since the card table was out, we threw some blankets over the top and put some pillows inside.  Paul wasn't quite sure what to think of that, but once he saw me crawl "inside", he crawled in too.  I didn't really fit...just my torso as you can see from the picture below.  He thought he could stand up in it and ended up hitting his head a couple of times.  Ouch!  Only cried a little bit the first time he did it.  But not the other two. 

Joe:  Great pic of Missy's growing bump! Looks bigger in person.
Mr. Paul smiling from his fort.

Joe:  Thought to include this one too so you can see "Mike" and Kaitlyn.  Did you know he's Mike now?