Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finding a new home

I think I am in need of a spiritual revival.  I have lost my way and I want to find my way back onto the path.
But the hard thing is trying to find a new home.  A church that is.

Since the sad situation that I will call Immaculate happened, I am finding it hard to replace it.  After the choir disbanded early last year, I took some time off to have a social life.  Spending Wednesday nights at home with my sister was some bonding time we both needed.  Even though we live together, we don't see much of each other. 

Last fall, I decided to join choir again but this time at St. Timothy's.  It's half the distant to Heights.  I've been to their parish many times as a child.  They are traditional in their worship, modern in their music ministry and old-fashioned in other areas (ie. communal confessions).  I was excited but the rehearsal schedule doesn't suit me.  Practice starts late, ends late.  I end up going to bed late and in turn am tired and crabby in the morning.  This doesn't help much as I am already NOT a morning person.  I stuck it out through Christmas and have been playing hookie ever since.

But that needs to change.  And I knew just how to get a jump start.  Three weeks ago I escorted my cousin and her husband to their church, Living Word Christian Center.  If you wanna hear uplifting music that makes your feet dance while sitting in a auditorium chair, this is where it's gonna happen.  I can't remember what the message was as I am sitting here writing this, but I remember it hitting me right on the nose.  Something about stewardship and tithe. 

The next weekend I had decided that I was going to try a different church, Church of St. Paul.  It's the closest church to me and I hadn't really ever given them much thought.  I had only been there once, when I first moved to Blaine.  They are definitely more modern through and through.  At the time it wasn't my cup of tea, but I was going to give them another chance.  I've heard stories about them from other people that had gone there.  To tell you the truth, they weren't great stories.  But my opinion is what's going to matter. 

I went to the 5:30 mass last Saturday.  All I can say is that it was fine.  I was more drawn aback by the architecture then anything else.  Just marvelous. Gorgeous. 
I went again this morning to the 10:30 mass.  I really don't want to say this but I left irritated.  Who leaves church on a brisk, sunny morning mad?  What is wrong with me? 
The things that I don't like: the music....I didn't know one song.  There were no hymn numbers anywhere and no numbers were announced for the hymn books. 
The seats are very comfortable but I was never really ever sitting.   Just kneeling, kneeling, kneeling.  Communion was part was fine except for the wine chalice being shoved in my face.  I'm not drinking out of the same glass as everyone else.  Disease's called influenza.
And as far as the priest is concerned, I didn't get anything out of his homily. Not much of a soothing voice.  Not like Father Chuck at St. Tim's.

I'm thinking I might have to reconsider going back to St. Tim's but just not as a part of the choir.  I could try St. Patrick's in Oak Grove but that's a drive.  There's St. Stephen's in Anoka but then I'd have to drive 242 and traffic will be a nightmare.

If only Immaculate were 5 minutes away and Father Tom was reassigned.  Oh that would be a dream come true.  Or I could just piss off my parents and make my grandparents turn in their graves by becoming an atheist.  I guess only time will tell where I will settle.


simplicity said...

We've started looking/contemplating a new church as well and it is tough!

On an aside, Living Word is always about stewardship and tithe, fyi. DO some research on them before you commit. Just my 2 cents.

Beth said...

I know your feelings, it is definitely hard after we were all so entwined in IC. It'd be almost as much of a drive, but I have to say Fr. Joe at St. Williams is amazing and their choir folks have been real friendly and welcoming. Jodi plays flute there now and their piano player is a college student who is alot like Marie. Just my two cents, it's slowly become a "home" for me, but it definitely took some time.