Monday, February 15, 2010

More of 7 Degrees

Do I really have nothing better to do than to think of this?  I must have a condition....along the lines of Turettes.....this is my tick.

Cheaper By The Dozen: The original stars Ashton Kutcher (Hank) and the sequel stars a much younger Taylor Lautner (Eliot Murtaugh).

Queen Latifah was in Bringing Down The House (Charlette) costarring Steve Martin (Peter)He also was in the above mentioned film (Tom Baker).

She was also in Mad Money (Nina) with Diane Keaton (Bridget).  Diane was in The First Wives Club (Annie) with Stephen Collins (Aaron) who played her husband.  Stephen was the dad in 7th Heaven with,  you guessed it.....Jessica Biel (Mary Camden).

Going back the Diane Keaton. She was in Family Stone (Sybil) with Luke Wilson (Ben). His brother is Owen Wilson, who was in Wedding Crashers (John) with Bradley Cooper (Zachary).

This will be the last one because this is causing my insanity.  Luke Wilson was in Henry Poole Is Here (Henry Poole....duh!) with George Lopez (Father Salazar).

There you have it.  I'm done!