Saturday, June 5, 2010

MN HeartWalk 2010

Today I participated in the Minnesota HeartWalk that was held at Target Field.

It was a blast.  It was my first time to the new stadium and I hope many more will follow.  I must admit that I didn't attend out of the goodness in my heart...that's so Not me (to be read like Chandler Bing).  I mainly wanted to hang out with friends from work, get a T-shirt and some free stuff.  (They were going and I was put under some peer pressure to go as well.)  We also got to snoop around some VIP lounges....super cool.

Many photos taken, many laughs, many drinks post walk.  We're just a bunch of goofy gals.

One funny thing that I'd thought worth mentioning.  Us ladies were sitting at a sports bar eating lunch watching all the participants walk by (we were done by this time as we had lapped the majority) and we saw one lady smoking a cigarette.  She was SMOKING during the HeartWalk.  Hahahahhahahahahahhhahhaha.