Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rosary Etiquette

Today I'm going to use my blog as an outlet to comment on something that I just saw on Yahoo!'s News Marquee.  There was no place to comment so I'm taking it here.

It was a news story about a 12 years old boy getting suspended twice from his middle school for wearing a rosary.  He contested the suspension with a federal judge.  The school stated that the rosary beads were a "gang symbol".  The federal judge over-ruled the school saying that "the suspension violates his right to free speech and religious expression".

This is my OMG moment!  OMG!  What has this world come to when someone considers rosary beads as being gang related.  We have become so intolerant; scared that everything that is said or done is a sign of terrorism or hatred.  We need to use a little more common sense. If I saw someone wearing rosary beads*, that would touch my heart.  Maybe the school should listen to why the boy was wearing them in the first place before passing judgement. 

The reason why he was wearing them..."in memory of his brother, who died clutching them after a bike accident".

*To me, it's obvious that this boy has not attended Catholic school.  I remember learning about the rosary in kindergarten.  I also remember Mike R. getting reprimanded for wearing it around his neck.  It was not supposed to worn as a necklace as it was a sign of disrespect.

Sidenote:  I just Googled "rosary etiquette".  And it says that the wearing of the rosary is exceptable if used "with respect and personal devotion".  It is sacrilegious to "wear it contrary to it's purpose or as fashion jewelry".


Gina said...

Wow...what is the world coming to? That is horrible! I'm glad that the boy fought sad. Never knew that it's okay to wear the rosary around your neck. I remember it being drilled into our brains it wasn't ok.

Beth said...

Wow, that's so sad! He was just trying to remember his brother. Really makes you step back and think. Wow.