Monday, November 8, 2010

Deer Hunting Get-Away

This weekend I spent Up North at my mom. We were both "widowed".  Mom by my dad and I by my sister.  I love to just get out of dodge for a couple of days.

We spent the weekend doing a couple of projects.  Mine was to "blanket stitch" a fleece blanket instead of doing the "no-sew" tie method.  We stayed up until midnight on Friday to get that one done and it looks awesome.

My mom's project was for me to superglue her "Pot People" together.  I have no idea where she found these things but they turned out great too.

We also did some boutique-ing in Rice, Royalton and Little Falls.  It was the same 'ol crap you would find at a Women's Expo in the Cities, but we did find two houses out in the country that had Holiday Boutiques.  One was pure Avon stuff.  Not just makeup and perfume but clothes and ornaments too.  The other house was like a dream.  I want to live in this ladies house someday.

The driveway (an average length of a farm driveway) was like driving through the woods.  If you put your hand out either window, it'd be in the brush.  Even though on either side of the driveway was farmland.  The kitchen was GORGEOUS.  Vaulted ceilings and real wood floors (knots and other imperfections).  Her kitchen was "AWWWWWW   : O ".  Big bay windows to look out when doing the dishes.  Her pantry had a etched glass door that said "Pantry".  And her walls where not just painted.  They had full murals on them.

The nursery was 3D.  It was a garden with a picket fence screwed to the wall to accent the twin bed.  And them big bright daisy flowers where tucked in behind the fence.  On the adjacent wall was Peter Cottontail sticking out about 2 inches.  There were butterflies and ladybugs and a sun and clouds. 

The basement had birch trees painted all over in clusters.  No tops of bottoms at the floor or ceiling.  Just tree trunks.   And then little birds flying from tree to tree.  Adorable!

I don't have the patience or the skill or even the imagination to dream up anything like that.  I'm just going to have to buy her house.  It's just that simple.  The commute is going to suck though.


Gina said...

The blanket looks awesome! I just did a tie Twin's one for Steve in our basement and I'm going to be doing a Viking's one for part of his Christmas present.