Sunday, December 12, 2010

The After Party

After the official Christmas Party comes the After Party.

Just like last year, we headed over to one of the girls' houses to hang out and have "fun" ( think....Presidents and A$$hole$) until it was time to head out on the town.  By town, I mean St. Paul.  And by St. Paul, I mean Grand Ave. And the only thing on Grand Ave that has a DJ and dancing is, of course, The Wild Onion.

It wasn't fun as last year and I could blame it on my lack of sleep Thursday night.  I was falling asleep by midnight and we still have 2 hours left to go.  And it's also probably because I had that expectation that it's was going to be just as fun because other "fun" people would be there. But everyone else were big snoozers.  No big party groups.  Nobody cute to talk to or dance with.  Just private parties sitting in their booths, talking and drinking their red wine.  ♪ La la la la la .♪

Moving on.  We planned on spending the night at Crystal's house.  We brought our sleeping bags and pillows and were more than content with just sleeping on the floor.  When we got there C.'s husband, Joe,  had 3 blown up mattresses.  One of each of us.  And of course, one of us would take the couch.

Then in the morning, we got up and he shoveled off the mountain of snow off the driveway ( the association "sucks" per C.) so that he could get us McDonald's for breakfast.  Yet he didn't want our money to pay for it.  While we were eating, C. asked him where he got the air mattresses.  He said that he picked them up on the way back from dropping us off and blew them up while we were out.  And then when it was time to go, he dug out each of our cars....4 total.  And then dug out one of us again when she got stuck trying to get out of the guest parking and onto the main road. 

To describe J., I'm speechless.  How C. got so lucky to find this guy is beyond me, but they make the sweetest couple.  He was our sober-cab, he dropped us off and picked us up ( in the middle of a
snow-storm ).  He was our bed-maker, breakfast-getter and our AAA ( triple A ).  He just did those things because he was a nice guy.  In the words of Dana: "I Want One."