Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fishnets and Flannel

Last summer at the State Fair I entered my name into a drawing to win MN RollerGirls tickets.  I had forgotten all about it and a month ago I received a phone call that I had won tickets.  So I took along one of the girls that I had entered with me to the bout tonight.

I know little about roller derby and the little I do know is only from watching "Whip It!".  Going in with no expectations, I was a little disappointed with the first bout.  Slow-pace...amateurs...butts were kicked.  Then the second half came and it was AWESOME!  It was the MN RollerGirls All-Stars vs. some team from Tulsa.  We rocked.  It was fast....action-packed...professional....AND butts were kicked! 

If anyone is in need of an idea for a date or a night out with some friends, this is something that everyone needs to see.

A funny Nicole and I were leaving the Roy Wilkins Auditorium, we made our way into the Xcel Energy lobby.  We couldn't help but notice all the people....all the differences in peoples attire.   Xcel happened to be having a Wildest Rodeo In Town event featuring Jared Niemann.  Picture this if you will....RollerGirl fans dressed in fishnets, spandex, punk shoes and purple hair.  Walking in the skyway along with cowboys dressed in skinny jeans, cowboy boots and hats and flannel.  We couldn't stop laughing....Fishnets and Flannel!


Beth said...

We have been to the North Star Roller Girls in Minneapolis a number of times now, a little smaller scale but it is tons of fun! I love Derby!