Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shirt Repeater

It's time to get dressed.

Today is a day off of work so I went out for an early workout and I always come home to shower.
As I was finishing my hair, I was thinking about what shirt I was going to wear.
I have plans of housework and errands.  Nothing too fancy or dingy.

I rummage through a pile of clothes (a neat pile I might add) in my bedroom and I think back to a line that Adam Braverman said to his father on "Parenthood".  It was something about Crosby wearing the same shirt two days in a row.  "That's gross...unless you're working out."

I believe the opposite to be true.  I'm a repeat shirt wearer.  Why launder a perfectly good shirt and wear down the fabric and screen printing?  Maybe it's the frat boy inside of me but sometimes I do the smell test if it's been more than a couple of days.  But any hint of odor and in the hamper it goes.

Now my outfit for working out, I launder that every single time.  To put back on yesterday's sweaty clothes gives me the willies.  It makes me feel dirty and yucky.  Socks, undergarments, pants,'s fresh every day.


Beth said...

I don't repeat my shirts, but I'll repeat pants if they don't smell or didn't get spilled on. And skirts too.