Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Time Is Coming Nearer!

It's Christmas this week at work.

Tomorrow my team is exchanging gifts.  It kind of crept up on me but thank goodness I finished everyone over the weekend  (see this post).  The feeling in my fingers has returned...I can feel my fingers!
I'm super excited to see everyone's face.  They are so pretty that I almost want to keep them for myself.

On Friday is our office Christmas Party (where everyone acts somewhat professional) and the much anticipated AFTER-PARTY (no professionalism here)!  Last year we joined forces with the Maplewood office and had some bowling competition.  Their office has bowled in the past and didn't include us in the fact that leagues start at 6 pm and we would be kicked off our lanes.  Some people were only able to bowl for 30 minutes while their office got 2 hours in.  When scores are averaged, it's not really fair when they can bowl 3+ games and those of us that suck at bowling and can't get about 100, much less 80.  Do I sound sour??? Good!

This year, we are closing up shop early and getting a good couple of hours in on bowling.  And we are also including another office.....Silver Lake.  This is going to be fun/weird/chaotic with 3 different offices....other 100 people!!!  Hopefully this time there will be enough pizza and pop to go around...and hopefully it won't be cold when we get there.

Then it's the afterparty.  I don't plan on being awake on Saturday.  Lots of blankets and Advil are going to be needed.  I can't wait.  It'll be here before I know it.