Monday, December 5, 2011

Wilbur's Here!

Melissa dropped him off on Thursday and he will be staying with Jean and I until Saturday. 
We've been walking him and petting him.  Had a little trouble getting him to do his business, but we'll skip over that part...

Sometimes he looks lonely or bored because it's just him and us.  He's used to having another puppy to play with.  Except Melissa's brother is puppy-sitting Goober.  He's a little too rambunctious for me.  At least at Joey's, he'll have other dogs and cats to play with to keep him busy.  All that commotion is a little much for Goober.

So this morning I picked him up a toy while I was at Target to help keep himself entertained when I'm at work and also so we can play fetch and maybe a little bit of light tug-of-war.

He came for the groomers and they always dress him in a cute bandana.  This one is a Holiday Mickey Mouse and Friends.
Chill-axing on the couch.

He found the squeaker!
Action shot:  whipping it around to get the squeaker out!