Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Wish List

My mom called this last weekend and asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  My reply was not for anything fun or spontaneous  like a new Wii game or tricked out rims for my Lumina.  It was responsible and practical.  I want a new washer and dryer, preferably front loaders.

I remember when I would look through the JCPenny Holiday Catalog and I would circle everything that I would like to get.  Everything that was "girlie" was pretty much circled.  But somehow on Christmas Eve when we opened out presents, I didn't receive a single thing that I had picked out.  I got clothes and coloring books.   As a little girl, I didn't want clothes or coloring books.  I wanted the Barbie Malibu Mansion, a new Lego set, a Kid Sister, a Sing-Along Tape movie on VHS or a 6' giant teddy bear!

Don't get me wrong.  I'm was never unappreciative.  I loved what I got just for the simple reason of them being presents.  I've just come to realize that today,  I would love to get clothes.  A girl can never have enough clothes, whether it's pajamas, jeans, blouses, long underwear or shoes!  And coloring books....I wish I could color all day and think my day was productive.

Even though all the carefree days of being a kid are gone,  I'm still considering a letter to Santa to get my washer and dryer.