Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Very First Post

Tonight I went out to dinner with a couple of friends from high school.  We hadn't seen each other for a few month and it's always nice to get together and catch up.  Much to my surprise, everyone knew everyone else's business.  I was totally out of the loop.  I try to keep tabs on people through Facebook; but it's usually just status updates, not detailed stories.  I missed out on new cars, spouses getting laid-off, new job promotions, traffic tickets and ear tubes.  Geez.

"Julie, it's on my blog.  You need to start one."

So hear I am.  Trying it out.  We'll see how it goes and if I can keep it up.


Gina said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!!! You will like it.

Beth said...

Welcome Julie! I find it's very addictive and even somewhat theraputic to write! So I hope you enjoy it! :)

simplicity said...

Crack me up! I knew you'd start a blog ms. never say never!