Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cough Drops

As our flu season has hit us hard with H1N1, so has the cold season.  I usually get at least one cold each winter and this cold is kicking my butt.  Sinus congestion (which I never get), chest congestion.  Thank goodness for Tylenol and elevators.

Another thing I am thankful for is cough drops.  I didn't realize all the different kinds there are.  I've always been a cherry girl, never lemon.  While I was at Cub the other day, I noticed that they have Halls Honey Berry.  Yum!  I bought 3 bags just in the event that they would be discontinued.

A gal at work had me try Halls Kiwi Apple.  Sounds good, but not so much.  It starts out nice, but then it turns into a sour mess.  I'm not one who likes anything tangy or sour.  However, if you like the Carmel Apple suckers, this is the cough drop for you!!