Saturday, June 26, 2010


Sisters has been the topic of conversation a couple times this week.

Wednesday was my sister's birthday.   I got her a card along with a present.  I love to give cards just for the thought of it but I'm not mushy mushy with my sister.  We're friends, but not BEST friends.  That title belongs to my BFF Laura.  She's not my rock because I'm pretty tough and independent.  I came across two quotes that pretty much explain it all....

"Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life."
-Charles M. Schulz

"When mom and dad don't understand, a sister always will."
- Author Unknown

Topic number two this week revolves around the Kardashian sisters, Khloe and Kourtney.  I just happened to be watching an episode of the Miami spin-off.  Those girls are crazy....LA crazy.
It was an episode of one sister (I can't tell them apart) giving the other a bikini wax.

Okay.  An eyebrow or a lip wax is one thing but a bikini wax!  I, again, am not thatclose with my sister for her to give me or I her a bikini wax.  I prefer a stranger to do that.  A stranger that I would never see again.  Ever.

It also included a scene where the waxer was pumping for breast milk 'cause she just had a kid.  Just letting it all hang out in the living room in front of the waxee.  She even purposely spilt it on her.  I don't what any sort of bodily fluid from my sister splashed on my leg.  Thank you very much.

And don't forget that both of these scenes where filmed before a camera crew.  OMG!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Storms and Trees

Tonights storms has got me thinking a lot about trees.  Little trees but more importantly BIG trees. 
And BIG trees falling on my house.  I have some big oak trees just a couple yards from my front door next to my guest parking and one loud crack will take it down to my front door.

Just last week a storm passed through my parents' "40 acres" Up North near Pine River.  Dad had meant to take down a tree last summer but never got around to it.  Well it's down now.  Here is what it looks like.  Dad has a new to-do list for this summer...including repairing a broken trust and a couple ring joists and replacing some damaged roof panels.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair Whoas and Oh No's

A couple of weeks ago I was working at the Y and I saw some brochures sitting on the desk behind Member Services for Salon Mystique, an Aveda salon, in Blaine.  They were made by a marketing company in Minneapolis.  The promotion was for 4 visits, each to be made at least a week apart.  A visit for a haircut (and color if chosen but $$ extra), a visit for a pedicure, a visit for a manicure and a visit for a massage.  All this for $45 dollars.  I purchased 2 packages; one for me and the other for my sister. 

My sister and I both had our first visit last Friday for haircuts.  I added the extra service of 12 foils.  I did my research and dug out some photos of what I wanted.  I've always been told by the various hairstylist I've had over the years that they LOVE photos.

First off, I should have known better than to leave Jill.  I feel like I betrayed her.  She works out of the Todaze Hair Salon in Blaine.
Second of all, I hate Aveda products.  Not that they are eco-friendly blah blah blah.  But that they make me sneezy and itchy.  My sister used to work for the Aveda plant in Blaine and she would come home smelly smelly.  I couldn't even be in the same room with her until she took a shower.  I know some people love the scent but it smells like weeds to me.

I told the girl I wanted to chop my hair off to the level of my ear.  I left with it still touching my shoulders.  I thought I'd give it a try.  Not exactly what I wanted but I have the hardest time expressing it in words.  And the fact that the girl looked like an Avada Salon Snoot didn't help matters.  How many shades of platinum blonde can you have in your bangs?  One is too many!  The only good thing I could say about the visit was the scalp massage.  Aaah!

Over the weekend I found that I could still style it the same way I could before I cut it....and that's not good.
What part of CHOP IT OFF  do you not get?  And last night was the deal breaker.  My parents stayed with me for Father's Day weekend and they sleep in the basement. 
One: it's cold down there. 
Two: They sleep right next to the utility room and I wasn't going to have the air condition running all night keeping them up.
So I slept upstairs in a hot, sticky bedroom with tons of bobby pins shellacking my hair to my head to get it off my neck and with 2 fans blowing on me.

I made another hair appointment for tonight...with Jill.  I love her.  I'll never cheat on her ever again.  I need to learn my lesson.  And she did a marvelous job.  It's super my ears.  She touched my bangs and I gave her a little slap on the wrist.  That's a big No-No and she should know better.
Again, it's different from what I had pictured in my mind but I think I'm going to like it.  No more ponytails 'til the snow flies.  Just lots and lots of barrettes and clips.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day

It's Father's Day this weekend and my parents are coming down for a couple of days.  Both to celebrate Sunday and Wednesday is my sister's birthday.

My dad is so hard to buy for.  Christmas, birthday, Father's Day.  He has everything he needs and if he did need something, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to find it because it would be an awkward tool at the hardware store and it'd be spendy.  I've done the whole gift card thing.  I LOVE getting gift cards but don't like giving them.  They seem to say:  I had no time to think of what you'd like or what you're interests are so I'm taking the short cut by putting money on this piece of plastic.

I guess I could say the same about my mom, but she's just a little bit easier 'cause she's a girl and likes girly things.

However, just a couple of weekends ago, my sister and I had a day off and we took an afternoon drive out to Ramsey and stopped by the Plants 'n' Things on Hwy.10/Sunfish.  We drive by there every time we head Up North and we always say we'll stop in on the way back.  But we never do because it's a been a long drive and we're almost home.  I wanna go home.

It's a pretty cool place to shop and kill some time.  Expensive patio/porch furniture, but great quality.  There's a little farm house that has knick knacks inside...two-stories.  I love this style of a house because it was an entry way staircase and another staircase in the back that leads down to the kitchen ( think Cosby show or 7th Heaven).  My grandparents' farmhouse had this at one point but they look the second staircase out in the 70's.

Anywho....back to shopping.  We were almost done and were ready to head back to the car when we saw something that made us both laugh.  I think dad will laugh too and then he'll get his Bebe gun and shoot the dang thing.

Growing up in Heights, we had tons of squirrels.  Cute little things.....Dad hated them.  Mainly because they would eat the grapes, strawberries, raspberries and make a mess with the bird food.  He would trap them and take them away...Rochester, Monticello, Blaine (at the time, it was desolate.  Think no Target/Menards/Townhouses.  Pure "Sticks".)  Our elderly next door neighbor had a air-gun and you'd hear it go "Pfft" and then a squeak.  Got 'em.

So Plants 'n' Things had this gigantic tree in front of the farmhouse and it made my sister and I take a double take.  It looked like it had over 50 squirrels on it....all ceramic.  Big ones, medium ones, baby ones.  They each were hanging from a nail that was pounded into the bark.  Some were hanging sideways (as if they were chasing each other) and some were hanging straight up (as if climbing up) and some down (as if climbing down).  We picked out one of the middle sizes. 

My parents really don't have a gigantic tree in their yard, but I know it will get a laugh and maybe a place in the garden.  Hope it won't attract the real thing though.  But I'm not worried.  Dad can handle the little bastards.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Herb Recipes

My herb garden is overflowing with chives, oregano and basil.  Yeah!
But I don't have any recipes on using the fresh herbs.
I've turned  Google to search some recipes and I've had some luck.  I've even learned tips on how to store them.
What I'm wondering is if you guys have any recipes or ideas that you'd like to share.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

MN HeartWalk 2010

Today I participated in the Minnesota HeartWalk that was held at Target Field.

It was a blast.  It was my first time to the new stadium and I hope many more will follow.  I must admit that I didn't attend out of the goodness in my heart...that's so Not me (to be read like Chandler Bing).  I mainly wanted to hang out with friends from work, get a T-shirt and some free stuff.  (They were going and I was put under some peer pressure to go as well.)  We also got to snoop around some VIP lounges....super cool.

Many photos taken, many laughs, many drinks post walk.  We're just a bunch of goofy gals.

One funny thing that I'd thought worth mentioning.  Us ladies were sitting at a sports bar eating lunch watching all the participants walk by (we were done by this time as we had lapped the majority) and we saw one lady smoking a cigarette.  She was SMOKING during the HeartWalk.  Hahahahhahahahahahhhahhaha.

Friday, June 4, 2010

June BBQ recipes

Last night I was invited to a BBQ at L 'n' B's.  I always like to bring a dessert or a beverage when I go over there and I had just the right things in mind.  I'd like to share the recipes.  I know B has a sweet tooth yet he likes to eat healthy things as he is training for the MS Bike-thingy for next weekend. 

Don't know what it's called.  I'll call it A Berry Brownie Pizza. (got out of a Taste of Home book)

1 pkg. fudge brownie mix (9x13-in pan size)
1/3 cup chopped unblanched almonds (I used sliver almonds from the dispenser machine @ Cub)
1 tsp. almond extract
1 pkg. (8 oz.) cream cheese, softened
1 Tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp grated lemon peel (I omitted)
2 cups whipped topping
Mixed fresh berries (I used straw, rasp, blue, and black)

1.) Prepare brownie batter according to the pkg. directions for fudge-like brownies, adding almonds and almond extract.  Spread into a greased 14-inch pizza pan. (I used 16 inch pan....worked great!)
2.) Bake at 375* for 15-18 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean.  Cool on a wire rack.
3.) In a large bowl, beat the cream cheese, sugar vanilla and lemon peel until smooth.  Fold in whipped topping.  Spread over crust to within 1/2 in. of edges.  Top with berries.  Refrigerate for 2-3 hours before serving.

I also brought a refreshing beverage.  It was in the June issue of BHG.  It's called Junebug.

3 cups Ginger Ale
4 Tbsp. Grenadine
4 Tbsp. Orange Juice
3 scoops Orange Sherbet
For lushes: add 1/4 white rum

3 cups makes enough for 2 people.  I doubled the recipe and only had a little left.  For 4+ people, I'd probably triple or quadruple the recipe.  And instead of placing the sherbet in with the liquid, a scoop was placed in each glass.  Yum!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rosary Etiquette

Today I'm going to use my blog as an outlet to comment on something that I just saw on Yahoo!'s News Marquee.  There was no place to comment so I'm taking it here.

It was a news story about a 12 years old boy getting suspended twice from his middle school for wearing a rosary.  He contested the suspension with a federal judge.  The school stated that the rosary beads were a "gang symbol".  The federal judge over-ruled the school saying that "the suspension violates his right to free speech and religious expression".

This is my OMG moment!  OMG!  What has this world come to when someone considers rosary beads as being gang related.  We have become so intolerant; scared that everything that is said or done is a sign of terrorism or hatred.  We need to use a little more common sense. If I saw someone wearing rosary beads*, that would touch my heart.  Maybe the school should listen to why the boy was wearing them in the first place before passing judgement. 

The reason why he was wearing them..."in memory of his brother, who died clutching them after a bike accident".

*To me, it's obvious that this boy has not attended Catholic school.  I remember learning about the rosary in kindergarten.  I also remember Mike R. getting reprimanded for wearing it around his neck.  It was not supposed to worn as a necklace as it was a sign of disrespect.

Sidenote:  I just Googled "rosary etiquette".  And it says that the wearing of the rosary is exceptable if used "with respect and personal devotion".  It is sacrilegious to "wear it contrary to it's purpose or as fashion jewelry".