Sunday, June 19, 2011

Povlitski's 1st Annual

Last night I went out for Povlitski's 1st Annual.
1st Annual what?  I don't know exactly.
On-line it said BBQ and Blues and a Bike Show. show was canceled due to the rain.  I could care less about motorcycles.  The guys have to much hair (beards and ponytails) and the gals wear leather vests to show off their cleavage and tramp stamps.

BBQ was good, but not great.  I had a pulled pork sandwich.  It was moist, but would have liked to add a little more flavor by putting some BBQ sauce on top of the pork too.

Blues??  More like Hard Rock.  Three bands played, but we only stuck around for the first two.
The first was a band made up of young guys (they looked 16 but they probably haven't hit puberty yet).  Didn't know any of their songs except for one, which was a song by Everclear.

The second band was Knight Crawler.  I've never heard of them but the two friends I went with saw them many times when they would play at Sharky's.  These guys were awesome.  They were old, ugly and wrinkly but knew their stuff.  The drummer was only wearing shorts, so when he was sitting behind his kick drum it looked like he was wearing his birthday suit.  And he totally had the Tommy Lee thing down.  At one point, he was playing the drums with his feet.  He was so sweaty I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack.  And count on someone else giving him CPR...gross!

I didn't know many songs either, but did recognize a Black Sabbath, along with Born To Be Wild and Rebel Yell.  Thank goodness otherwise there would have been no dancing.

Next Friday, there's going to be a country singer by the name of Jacob Martin.  As my loyal readers know, I am still in my search to find a country band to replace High Noon and I haven't had any luck.  But this guy's got potential.  He's a Minnesota native that has been noticed by Nashville.  He tours the Midwest and Texas and has many Summer dates set in Minnesota.

My two friends won't be able to go with me and my sister will be Up North.  Anybody wanna join me for a ladies night?  Music starts at 9:30 and we don't have to stay out late late; just a drink or two and listen to some tunes.  Let me know. 

Oh, and there's NO COVER CHARGE!