Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stonearch Arts Festival

This weekend was the Stone Arch Arts Festival.  I had planned on going Saturday but then the weather was icky and Povlitski's had their event.

I have never been and I didn't know what to expect.  I've been to Craft Shows before and Art Crawls but not an Arts Festival.  I would describe it as a warm up to the State Fair but with tons of photography, jewelry and pottery.  And don't forget the Lemonade, Mini Donuts and Cheese Curds.  Lots of "arts" people; that can also be read as weird and freaky but I'm trying to be politically correct.

We headed to the St. Anthony Falls first.  This was a sight.  I just wish I remembered to bring my camera.

                               {Insert imaginary photo here.}

I have only been to the Stone Arch bridge one other time (for wedding  pictures so I wasn't able to go far) and I would love to go back again and explore the river's edge; possibly even a Segway tour. {This link is of someone's blog.  I thought this explained the overall experience better than the official website.}  I saw 4 sets of Segway tours throughout the Stone Arch Park (aka.  Father Hennepin Bluffs Park)....they looked like little ducks in a row following its mother.

I also would like to go back to visit the St. Anthony Main movie theater and have a burger at Vic's or Tugg's Tavern.

The only thing that I would view as a negative was parking, but that's more my fault than anything else.  I turned off of Hennepin Ave too early and parked in the wrong ramp.  I ended up paying an extra dollar there than at the lot I had originally planned on.  Oh well.


Beth said...

The Segway tour is so fun, you should definitely do it sometime if you have the chance!!