Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Night Softball

I was not in the mood to play Softball tonight.
It is the last night of my vacation and Monday is lurking around the corner.
But I went anyhow because I know they need girls and I'd hate for them to have to forfeit.  I'd rather lose than forfeit. I'll break it down even further.

Con #1: The ballpark is down by the frickin' airport off of Hwy. 62.
Pro #1:  I get to see all the pretty big planes land and take off.

Con #2: I suck because I'm rusty. (Sidenote:  I missed two pop-flies but I did have a GREAT hit even though I had many not so great hits.)
Pro #2: It's a teams sport, so my suckiness doesn't always stand out. (Only when all eyes are on me.)

Con #3: Tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that, I'm going to be sore.
Pro #3: I get to hang out with some friendly, cool people which includes some handsome guys!!

I'm in a league with a girl I work with at the dental office and her hometown friends (and their friends too). We play double-headers every other Sunday.  And our opposing team tonight was a bunch of 35+ players.  I don't want to call them old people because sooner rather than later I will be in that age category.  Many had gray hair whether it be on the top of their head or under it (beards).  But don't let their age or their hair color fool you.  They gave us a run for our money.  I hope I can play that good when I'm their age.
We lost our first game 8-9, but won our second.  The score...I didn't catch the final, but it was another close one. 

My next game is June 26th.  Hopefully I can hit the batting cages between now and then.


Gina said...

That's good that you can find the pro's! One of Steve's teams that he is on is all around his age...34 to about 37 and they play pretty well too. Glad you had fun from what it sounds like! Hope you can hit the cages.