Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Bandwagon

Yes, I admit it.  I'm a bandwagon fan.  I know that the hard-core fans hate us, but it's true.  Any given Sunday, I would rather watch a Disney movie over a football game.  Working Sunday afternoons at the Y, I am usually stuck watching/listening to football on the TV in the lobby.  But today was different. I CHOSE to participate with the Vikings frenzy.

I decided to poach in on my BFF's who are huge Viking fans.  I knew they would be settled right on the sidelines in their living-room with buffalo wings and Honeyweiss.  I brought the brownies and apple-snickers salad.  After the first missed field goal (courtesy of the Cowboys) and the numerous sacks, I was hooked.  If we play as good as we did today next Sunday, we might have a chance against the Saints.  And then it's Super Bowl Baby!!!!

Now it's time for me to go shopping for some purple.  I'm thinking #69.  I (heart) Jared Allen.  I hate to admit it but the mullet is growing on me.