Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Loathing Lowes Part III

Today, I'm feeling a little better.  Before I went to work, I made a little phone call to Discount Appliance to get their view on the previous stated phone call.  I don't want to say I overreacted, but I think there may have been a misunderstanding between what Chad said and the way I interpreted it.  When he said "This won't be covered by my warranty", he was meaning the replacement of the venting itself, when I thought he meant everything.  The fixing of the wires on the block are covered by Frigidaire's warranty.  So the $150 bill is for the service call for Chad to come out and for the purchasing of the solid metal vent and it's installation. 

Now that I understand and am clear on what the bill actually is for, I'm good.  I had a hell of a time getting the flexible duct stuff on the first time, I'm thankful I had someone else put the solid venting on.  And for me to pay a little for it to be done right, and without DUCT TAPE, I'm good.

Before I hung up with the manager of Discount Appliance, I asked him if it's possible for the dryer vent to make the dryer not work.  He said that with newer machines, there is a safety mechanism.  If the dryer can't vent fast enough (as if there was a blockage) it will prevent the machine from working.  Good to know, but I still think the Lowe's manager is full of $h!+.  

As for replacing the dryer, I'm never letting Lowe's touch anything in my house and have them screwed up.  Ever.