Friday, January 8, 2010

Loathing Lowes

Where to do I start.  What was originally as a Christmas present  from my parents has turned into an April Fool's Prank on me.  My parents bought me a new washer and dryer because my washer was leaking water every once in a while and would dance and chimmy when off balance and make a ruckus.

Yeah!  I get new appliances.  That's what any mid-, no make that late-20 something wants.  Forgot the new car or Wild tickets, or a tropical vacation.  Okay, I need to be serious here.

So ma, pa and I did a little window shopping around town.  We ended up getting a Frigidaire set at Lowes.  They deliver, haul away and install for free.  Looking back, I got what I paid for.  Mom and Dad even threw in an extended warranty to cover any computer malfunction that could occur within 5 years.

We had the date of installation set on Christmas Eve.  Mom and Dad were supposed to down for the holidays but stayed home due to the snow storm.  Two  "juveniles" came and dropped off and picked up all the appliances, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Now's the good part.  When it came to installing the dryer vent, they said they couldn't reattach it.  I had to make a special run to Lowes to get a new vent.  When I questioned him who, what, why and when, it was $60  later.

Eight days go by......

My dryer doesn't work!  Troubleshooting with circuit breakers doesn't work.  Call Lowe's.  Transferred to Frigidaire.  Called Discount Appliance and service call scheduled for January 8th.....nine days later.  I had no dryer for NINE DAYS!

Nice guy named Chad from Discount Appliance comes and looks at dryer.  Explain in detail about situation with lazy dryer.  He pulls it out.  "Oh No!"  Tsk!  Tsk! Tsk!  The electrical wires hooking the dryer to the electrical cord are loose and screwed up!  The new dryer vent that I was told to go and buy (the flexible slinky kind) is wrong and now my Frigidaire warranty is null and void.  The Juvie-Boys didn't tell me that!  But I have an extended warranty through Lowe's........nope.  Now I have to pay an extra $150 to this nice guy named Chad from Discount Appliance to fix all the errors.  Fine....he's nice and he knows what he's doing and it's going to get done right so my house doesn't blow up or burn down.  Electrical wiring fixed and SOLID metal PVC-like vent installed.  The nice guy named Chad from Discount Appliance told me that if I hadn't caught this now, it would be twice as much to fix later on down the road.

The wheels in my head are turning and if I were a cartoon, probably smoke coming out of my ears.  Complained to Lowe's Appliance Manager and Delivery Team.  They want to exchange my dryer out for a new one.  Hell No!  You are not touching it!  (This is what ran through my mind).  Instead, I just say that it's now installed correctly and I would like to be reimbursed the $150 being that it was done wrong in the first place.  If they won't reimburse me, the installation team needs better training so this doesn't happen to anyone else.  I should be getting a call back tomorrow afternoon.  Stay Tuned!

Side-note if you haven't guessed my now:  If anyone needs help with appliances, call Discount Appliance and ask for Chad!  He's a nice guy.


Gina said...

Oh sorry to hear about the whole experience!! How exciting though about the new washer and dryer. Isn't it funny how growing up, we want stuff for our homes now for our bithdays and Christmas? Glad you caught it on time. Hope you get good news and they will reimburse you the $150. Good luck!!!

simplicity said...

I would totally take the new dryer. I know it'd be a pain but complain about that later. If something else comes up within the next 5 years it will cost you more again. Ask for a new dryer to be installed by PROFESSIONALS!!! Good luck!