Friday, July 30, 2010

All By Myself

I have a 5 day vacation this week.  I usually just lounge around the house but I want this stretch to be different.

Tonight I had plans to go to Valleyfair.  But that fell through because one of the coworkers that was going is closing on a trailer park/cabin property in Hinkley.  Party at Tracy's next week!

I was hoping to catch a movie with my sister  Saturday night, but she's heading Up North to the folks.  I can't go with her because I do have two easy Saturday/Sunday shifts at the Y.  $$$ = shoes! handbags!

Then I thought I was going to hang out with the BFF.  Do a little shopping.  A little eating.  A little swimming and gossiping at the beach.  But I just got the call this morning.  The husband made last minute plans to get out of Minnesota and head to a buddies cabin in Wisconsin.  Ick...Wisconsin. 

Why would she want to hang out with her hubby when she has me???  Hehehehe.  I know they don't get much time together because they work different schedules at the hospital.   They need all the time they can get.

It just leaves me having a very lonely weekend.


Gina said...

You should go out and get a pedicure! Bring a book or a magazine and just relax and enjoy being pampered!

Beth said...

Crank your music at home as loud as it will go and just rock out with your bad self!

Julie said...

Great ideas! Thanks guys.