Saturday, July 31, 2010

Funny Numbers

Last week I saw a funny that I thought I'd share.

Nicole, a hygienist, buzzed for a float to help her with a full mouth probe ( measurements taken on you gums to diagnose various stages of gingivitis, periodontal disease and recession; usually done once a year but can vary patient to patient).  She tells me the numbers and I record them into the patient's record with a red/blue pen.  It's just a bunch of numbers in a sequence of three, and slight pause, and then another sequence of three numbers.  For example, Nicole would say: "3-2-3.......3-2-3.....4-3-4.......2-2-2..." and so on.  You can have numbers up to 12.  The smaller the better; the bigger the worse you're teeth are.  That's your perio seminar for the day.  Now the story...

The patient had brought her 2 daughters with her into the treatment room.  They were playing together in the corner on the floor with their Barbie dolls.  I can't tell you how old they were, mainly because of HIPAA guidelines.  Let's just say they REALLY looked like they were under the age of 20 and a couple years apart.

Nicole and I were half way through our probe and the oldest girl starts talking with her Barbies.

Barbie 1:  Welcome to the dentist.
Barbie 2:  Thank you.  Do I have any cavities?
Barbie 1: Not today.
Barbie 2:  Thank goodness.  I was so worried.

The younger sister must have been listening to her big sister and us because moments after the bigger sister moved on to something else, she started saying random numbers.

If Nicole told me a number of 87....I'm sure my doctor would think Nicole would need to get Lasik or go back to hygiene school.

If you're not laughing, that's okay.  It's dry dental humor.