Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sleep! Zzzzzzz

I admit it.  I'm a night owl.  The older I get, the worse it becomes.  I could blame it on Sex and the City, but I won't.  I'll just say that it started there and has just snowballed. 

Two or three years ago I started catching the reruns in the WB at 10 and 10:30.  Pretty soon I had started seeing reruns of the reruns.  I had seen every episode.  And the first movie too.  Then I discovered TMZ and Letterman and Leno.  Not a huge Conan fan but that's another story.

Now it's rare that I go to bed before 11pm.  And I have to get up at 5 am.  I get anywhere from 5-8 hours of sleep every night.  On the weekends no less than 10 hours.  I just love staying up late late at night and sleep in late late in the mornings.

I remember being at Grandma's when I was little and waking up at 2:30 am Saturday morning and smell cinnamon rolls baking.  That's what Grandma did.  She never slept; she just napped.  Now I doubt I'll start baking in the middle of the night but you just never know.  Maybe that's were I get it.

But I think my busy schedule has finally caught up with me.  Yesterday I put in my 8 hours at the dental office.  I got home, changed, played tennis and had supper with Laura.  I was home and in my jammies by 6:30 and the lights went out at 7pm and came on at 5am.  I had slept 10 hours....on a weeknight!  Oh, it felt so good.  I haven't done that in sooo long.  The last time that happened I had the flu.

Now if the time stamp on this is correct, you will notice that I am writing this at 11:20pm Thursday night.  Guess tonight will be one of those 5 hour nights.  I'll just catch up on my sleep this weekend.