Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth Of July Weekend

It went too fast but here is what happened over the weekend.

Saturday: My sister and I got up early to pack the car and actually headed south instead of north. A couple of weeks ago I won tickets to see Eclipse from KS95. The stinker was that it was in frickin' Burnsville. Oh, the horror. I know it's just a little farther south than MOA but still. It's not very convenient. The showing started at 10am and popcorn was 95cents. We got to meet Ryan at Night. I like to call him Lyin' Ryan. We loved the movie. I've heard from friends that it was too much a love triangle theme. My response to those friends..."Did you even read the books? Hello...that's what most of Eclipse is." Can't wait for the transition to Breaking Dawn!

After the movie, we headed straight up 494/94 and got to my parents by 3:30. We just kind of hung around town the rest of the evening.

Sunday: More of just hanging around. We made an afternoon run into Little Falls to the Walmart. That was the excitement of the day. For an evening snack I made Tastefully Simple Triple Fudge Brownies and T.S. Cake Batter Cooler Drink Mix. I had to dig out my mom's blender from the 1970's. It was green....shall we say an unnatural color we only see when we are ill. It was a gem. They don't make appliances like that anymore. It pureed ice. My new blender can't do that. It was a cool, refreshing treat for a humid, muggy night. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Monday: My mom, my sister and I headed further Up North in the early morning to do some boutique shopping in Nisswa. This is the kind of town that I would love to retire to. I didn't find anything for myself but I did find a cute little souvenir for my cousin who lives in San Diego. It's a MN license plate that says "I'd Rather Be In Minnesota". I think she'll like that.

They had lots of cute hemp/leather jewelry but I have enough of that. We passed a few coffee shops and it smelled so good. But ice cream was more appropriate. We ate at a little family owned sub shop, similar to SubWay. Otherwise it was a pizzeria or the A & W.

We left town around 12:30 and traffic heading sound was bad, really bad. Backed up for miles. Good thing we were heading further north still to my aunts lake cabin near Pine River. We had missed seeing everyone who had been up for the weekend. But we still got to see my cousin and her little one, who is just turned 4 months old. We got to see him doing some splashing in the kiddie pond. Much gabbing with the girls and splashing of the toes in the lake.

We headed back to my parents around 4:30 and got back just before 6:30. Traffic was much better later in the day.

Tuesday: My sister and I hit the road this morning and got home before noon.

I still have the rest of the week off. Don't have anything much planned besides a pedicure and I intend to keep it that way.


Gina said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Enjoy the rest of your week off!