Sunday, May 8, 2011

And Summer Begins...

I'm not going to let the weather define whether summer has arrived.  For me, my summer mentality is already here.

BIKES:  I've already gone on two bike rides, one of which was this afternoon ...before the rain.  Both days the sun was shining.  There was a light breeze.  The first was a ride in the neighborhood and the second my sister and I took our bikes to a local park.  I really enjoyed the ride in the "wilderness"; trees, rustling leaves, wetland, bugs humming, boardwalk.  I can't wait to go again.  And this time my butt was fine; it was my arms that were tired from loading and unloading the bikes from the trunk rack.

GARAGE SALES:  The first weekend in May is the 200+ Johnsville Neighborhood Garage Sale (NW of  Hwy. 242 and Hwy 65 in Blaine).  Traffic is crazy with cars, bikers and pedestrians.  I had Thursday off so my sister and I hit a couple that were open early.  I could have gone on longer than we did but my wallet dried up.  I bought a bunch size 18 months baby clothes for my "Little Cousin" Paul.  They were super cute and in excellent condition.  And I also bought him his first baseball glove and a bunch of "Little Golden Books" along with "The Bernstein Bears", "Amelia Bedelia", "Just Me- Little Critter" and "Arthur" books.

SOFTBALL:  Tonight is my first softball game, but with the rain it may be canceled.  I'm ready to squat, run, throw, hit, slide.  I'm ready to "sacrifice a knee" to score a run.  I want my socks to have the dirt line where my cleats stop.  I want the palm of my hands to be chalky and beige from handling a dirty softball.  I want my voice to be hoarse from cheering on my teammates.  I want to stop for an ice cream cone after having the best summer afternoon ever.


Gina said...

I agree with you about spring/summer beginning. Hopefully it will stay now! Hope your first game wasn't cancelled and you did great!

muppetcoffeepenguinlover said...
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Beth said...

I am totally in summer frame of mind as well - we even ate at outdoor patios TWICE this weekend! Great finds at those garage sales too - hopefully your baby cousin will love those books the way we did growing up!