Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthday Weekend Plans


Saturday night I am celebrating my birthday with some friends from work.  

The original plan was to go Texas Roadhouse for supper and then head to a local bar for their first tent party of the summer.  For the last couple of years it has always fallen on the weekend of my birthday.

But plans have somehow changed into less about me and what I want to do (not that I'm a narcissist or anything) but more about the attitude of one my "friends".

Here's the deal.  I like her.....most of the time.  We have a ton in common.  We both grew up in Heights.  She has a kid that's my age.  We like the same music and like to go out and have fun together.

The problem....she's looks at everything as the glass is half empty.  I'm a go with the flow, take it as it comes kind of gal.  Complaining and b*ing only gives you wrinkles.  I don't worry about the day's schedule because sooner or later 4 pm is going to come and then I get to go home.  And when we actually get to leave for lunch, she's the pickiest eater I've ever seen and if the waitress gets it wrong, I cringe when she's rude to the wait staff.  Olive Garden is our favorite, but I am starting to loathe going there. 

So....tomorrow.....I somehow invited too many people to go to dinner....eight people.  She wanted it to be a small group of people.  Eight people is 1 more person that last year and it was just fine.   Eight people, I guess, is too big of a party and we won't all be able to sit together at the same table.  Big flippin' deal.   We'll play musical booths.  She told me that she isn't going and the whole thing is called off.  That we're just gonna do the tent party.

Oh  My  Gosh!  I want to punch her.

But I'm not going to let her attitude rain on my parade.  I know I'm a people pleaser, but I need to not be.  I need to stop worrying about what other people are doing or what they want.  It's my weekend and I'm gonna have fun whether she's in a bad mood or not.

All day today I've been getting texts to see if we're still on for tomorrow night.  I kind of wanna say yes and just not tell her.


Gina said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear about that! Never any good when someone acts like that. Hope you still had a good time!