Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Going To Be A Busy One

It's been a busy weekend  and it's not even half way over yet.

I had Friday off from both jobs and I look forward to such days.  I worked out in the morning and then waited for my sister to wake up sometime after noon (as she works nights).  Then we headed to the movies.  We went to the Andover Cinemas to see "Something Borrowed". 

I heart Ginnifer Goodwin, John Krasinski, and Collin Egglesfield. I don't heart Kate Hudson all that much!  ( Ever since she got involved with sleezy A-Rod, I don't think too highly of her. )  I know it's opening weekend so I'll let everyone see it before I say too much.  All I'm going to say is now I want to read the book.  Typically if I read the book first, I don't like the movie.  But if I see the movie first and then read the book, I love both. 

And I love that the story is opposite of the traditional love triangle.  You want to root for the girl that he's cheating with.  You want them to end up together and for the groom/boyfriend to call off the wedding.  But who does he choose?  Who's heart gets broken?  I'm not saying a darn thing.  And I loved that there's little twist at the end.  You think you know what's going to happen.....then BAM!  The End.

Continuing on...later in the evening, my sister and I had tickets to Sticks and the Acme Comedy Club.  I've only been there once before with a bachlorette party (which was super awesome) about 3 years ago.  I had won tickets last fall and they were to expire at the end of June.  I thought I better use 'em up and see someone good.  The comedian for last night was a lady who made it to the 2007 semi-finals of "Last Comic Standing"  Her name is Tracy Ashley.  She was amazingly funny....and clean humor too.  Dirty jokes get old super fast when you have to listen to them for 90 minutes.  I'd definitely see her again.

Then this morning, I had to work at the Y.  Nothing too exciting to mention about that.  Work is work is work. may not sound exciting to you, but it is to me.  We got new shirts to wear to promote our new Lazyman Triathlon.  They are turquoise and look super cute.  I'll wear anything as long as it's not a red polo.  After work, a coworker and I had plans to do some shopping, so we spent the afternoon/ evening walking, talking, and laughing.  Some in the rain, some in the cold, some in the cramped, hot stores.  Spent a lot a money but feel like we got some good deals.

Now I'm relaxing at home in the pj's hoping Sunday isn't too bad.  It's another day packed to the brim with activities.  I have a feeling Monday is going to come too soon.  Oh, wait...I have Monday of too.  YES! 


simplicity said...

Sounds fun and full Julie!! Love when you post movie reviews :)