Monday, May 2, 2011

Bike #2

We are now a household that owns bikes. 

On Saturday, my sister and I did a little bike shopping in Coon Rapids.  We found one that she and I liked and one that was on sale.  She was interested in the color and price.  I wanted her to have one that had seat and handle bar shocks, and color and price too.  But I didn't have the bike rack with so we were going to go back on Sunday to purchase it.

Sunday afternoon comes around and we head back to the store.  Saturday there were 2 bikes there and Sunday they were both gone because they were listed in the Sunday ads.  After what seemed like forever to find someone to help us, we were off to Maple Grove.  The CR store said that they had 5 and that MG was going to put one aside for us.  By the time we got to MG, ours was the last one left.  Phew!

I made sure it fit on the bike rack before we purchased it.  My fingers were numb working in the cold that it made getting the rack off difficult.  The store clerk had to escort the bike outside and I made him get a jacket.  May 1st and it's 30 degrees!

So we load it up, drive it off, bring it home and I attempt to put it away....but it's too heavy.  My bike's frame is aluminum and it's weight is similar to a feather.  J's bike is made of steel and weights more than...well, it's more than a feather.  I had to get a little creative with the garage arrangements until we figure out Plan B.

The next step is for August to come around.  Maybe Spring will show up by then.