Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dream Job

What makes a job fun and enjoyable?  Is it the people you work with?  Or what your job entails?

What makes a job dreadful and loath-able?  Is it the people you work with?  Or what your job entails?

Funny how both of these can either make or break it.

I've started thinking what would be my dream part time job.  Do I want to be stuck behind a cash register for 4-6 hours?  Been there, done that...twice.  Hated it at Menards.  Loved it at Snyders.

Could I do it again?  Probably, but I wouldn't LOVE it.  I don't like being stuck in a 5-feet radius.  I need to be able to wander around.  And after a while, customer service takes its toll.

Do I want to work retail?  I could fold sweaters all day long.  I'm anal retentive on how laundry gets folded, so I've already got the skills.  Again, I wouldn't LOVE it and its still customer service.

Do I want to be an independent consultant?  I'm not a sales person and would not consider myself motivated enough to make sales goals.  Also the idea of traveling to people's homes does not sound like fun.  I know some of you guys work Pampered Chef, Party Lite and Mary Kay.  It's just not for me.

Do I want to work as a waitress?  That's easy.  Hell no.  Pay is horrible.  Tips are okay.  And I'm done being yelled at my rude people.  Bar-tending wold be better tip wise.  I can open a bottle but the only think I know how to mix is a Malibu Diet.

But how cool would it be to work as a banquet server at a place like Majestic Oaks or The Earle Brown Heritage Center (although I wouldn't drive all the way over to Brooklyn Park).  I love weddings (♪ especially the reception part ♫) and would enjoy getting the table linens ready and decorating the tables with various centerpieces.  "Chicken or Beef?  Wine or Champagne?  Enjoy your meal."

The hours would be like Friday and Saturday nights and maybe Sunday mornings for brunches.  I'd look pretty snazzy in a crisp white top and a little black apron.  Yeah....dream job.  It could be hard work, but looks fun.