Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shopping Days

Well, my road trip to Hastings/Red Wing was put on the back burner.  I had planned on going this last Wednesday/Thursday/Friday but my parents decided take a little trip of their own to my house.  I don't get to see them as much as I would like so instead of ditching them, I stuck around.

On Thursday, I took my mom shopping for a new outfit for a wedding they will be attending at the end of the month.  We didn't have much success at JCPennies or Kohl's but the Dress Barn came through for us.  All that's left is shoes.

I don't have much storage space for shoes in my house.  When entering from the garage you are in a space called the laundry/bathroom/kitchen/pantry area.  Not an ideal place for clutter, so I purchase an over-the-door shoe rack for the basement door.  Shoe problem solved.  This allowed my mom to check out my many pairs of dress shoes.  One pinched her bunion.  Another hurt her hammertoe.  I loved that my mom was playing dress-up with MY shoes so I had just the pair for her to try on.  A 3-inch patent-leather pumps with the sexy POINTY toe.  She said that it looked like her feet were wearing elf hats.  Oh Mom!  She's so funny. 

On Friday I just purchased two new pairs of eyeglasses.  I've seen commercials for Back-To-School:  BOGO.   I'd like two for everyday and one for sunglasses.  I like the clip-on/ magnetics but at Valleyfair a couple of weeks ago, I almost lost my pair of magnetics on a roller-coaster.  Up went my arms and they bumped my glasses and one side popped off.  I would have been really sad if I had lost them. 

I can be picky when it comes to picking out glasses.  I looked at all the stores in Northtown but nothing really spoke to me.  My dad recently got new glasses from America's Best and said that I should check them out.  I fell in love with a pair of frames but I'm not so hot on the designer.  I don't even want to say what it is, but here's a hint.  It's logo is of a sexy feline and it's initials are usually spoken by a douchey-man describing an attractive women.  As for my sunglasses, they are made by Vogue.  Purple with some silver sparkly circles.

Hopefully I won't have to wait too long to get them.  I'm super pumped for my new spectacles.