Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eat, Walk and Be Happy

I ♥ the Minnesota State Fair.  Although it's probably a good thing that it only comes around once a year and only lasts 12 days.

I went on Friday with my sister and 2 gals from work.  Our plan was to not have a plan.  We ate, walked and shopped.

We met at the Roseville Area High School at 8:30 am. and took the bus to the fair grounds...standing room only to and from.  We would arrive just as  all the buildings opened.  It's been a long time since I've been there that early.  I actually prefer going at night because there are less stroller and old people.  It was crazy to look down the street and see pavement instead of a sea of people.

Photo taken at 9 am.

Photo taken at 1 pm

Our first stop was at Axel's in the food building.  Nicole wanted to try the Breakfast Lollipop.  I got the Breakfast Burrito.  I would pass on both if I were you.  Gross gross gross!  I threw mine away after scraping out the eggs from the inside.  It kind of tasted like a really bad Beef Enchilada; much too spicy for 9 am.

We also shared the yummy French Fries and Cheese Curds.  Amy tried the new Teriyaki Chicken On-A-Stick.  I got to try a little piece...very flavorful, tender and hot (temperature wise).  Before we left, we stopped by the dairy building for malts.  You know what goes good with malts...Deep Fried Cookie Dough On-A-Stick!  So back to the Food Building we headed.  I looked like a corn dog and was delicious mixed with the ice cream but tummy-ache city.  I was done.  No more.  Nicole and I were so excited that we each wanted our own, but we should have shared.  We each threw out just under half of our Cookie Dough.

We walked through the Merchandise Building, the Grand Stand and the Coliseum.  The same old vendors as usual but there was still new things here and there.  I guess you could say that my sister and I have started our Christmas shopping.

Throughout the day we kept walking in circles and I was surprised to see something new: Heritage Square.  I have never been up there once.  It has a sneaky entrance and is tucked behind the Sky Rider.  It's like the Renaissance Festival, only with a Western theme.

We saw many people, but it was especially nice to run into familiar faces of family and friends.  Oh, and all the HOT fireman too.  It was Governor's Fire Prevention Day!


Beth said...

I love Heritige Square! We always go through there, Nate bought a cool hat there last year! We're going tomorrow, I had thought we might not get to go this year, but now we do, I'm very excited cause I love the Fair too!