Friday, January 22, 2010

Stop The Beeps

I woke up this morning at 9 am to the voice of Dave Ryan.  I hit the snooze button and rolled over.  BEEP!
What was that?!  Roll over again.  BEEP!
Is it my head board?  Lay perfectly still.  BEEP!  Awe, $hi+.

Maybe you guys need a little insight on why I hate beeps.  It all started over a year ago.  It was a Monday night.  I got off of work, came home, got in my PJ's and sat down to watch some TV.  BEEP!  Is that my fire alarm going off?  I thought the battery needed to be replaced.  I didn't have any 9Volt batteries and it's was too late to get them, so I took out the battery to stop the beeping and I'd get some new ones in the morning.  I settled back in under my blanket on the couch.  BEEP!  NO!  I got changed head to Cub at 10pm to get batteries and reinstalled the fire alarm.  Okay.  Not minutes later....BEEP!  Agh!  I spent a couple of minutes trying to see if it was a different alarm going off.  There are 3 fire alarms, one on each floor. 

Not knowing what to do next, I called the fire department for someone to come and take a look at my alarms.  Two gentlemen came (one a cop, the other was the Blaine Fire Chief) both smelling like a camp fire.  It was the night of a HUGE brush fire in Forest Lake.  To make a long story short, it took the 3 of us 45 minutes to realize it wasn't the fire alarm going off, but the carbon monoxide tester that was 5 feet away from the fire alarm.  That was the battery that needed to be changed.

And now to present day, it was just 2 weeks ago that my other carbon monoxide tester in the basement started BEEPing too.  That tester I replaced completely.  And now this morning.

Got out of bed and I headed straight downstairs to the basement.  I was going to rule out that stupid carbon monoxide tester going off again.  I waited a couple minutes then...BEEP!  I was coming from upstairs (meaning the main level).  I stood under the above stated fire alarm...BEEP!  It was coming from the living room.   Hmmmmmm.  My portable phone has always beeped during long phone calls.  Since I no longer have a land line, I unplugged the phone.  Still....BEEP! was coming from the home security monitor.  Why it was beeping I have yet to find out.  I can only assume because it was sensing that the phone service had been disconnected. 

Hopefully the BEEPing has stopped.  If not, I may actually lose my sanity.
For the love of God, somebody Stop The Beeps!