Thursday, October 21, 2010


Who wants to share some major mulla with me?

This morning I stopped at McDonald's to try one of their Frappe's.  I usually go to Caribou but decided to try something different and cheaper.  As some of you may know, McDonald's is in the middle of their Monopoly promotion. 

I ordered a Medium Frappe just so I could get a game piece.  I got Marvin Gardens and stupid ol' St. James Place.  I always get that one.  At work, I rode up to in the elevator with a coworker who had stopped by McDonald's also to get a coffee and she had game pieces too.  She pulled 'em off and one of them was Atlantic Avenue.  OMG!  We had two pieces that went together.

As I thought about it through the day, Marvin Gardens is the more expensive property and is probably the more rare game piece.  Which means Ventnor Ave. is out there...somewhere....a little more common.  I hope my method of thinking if right.

So I'm appealing to all McDonald's Monopoly players out there, would you like to share your Ventnor Ave with N. and I?  We'll split the $25,000 evenly (after taxes of course).  I hope I don't have to eat MickeyD's for every meal 'til the end of the month to find my reward. 


Beth said...

Good luck with that Julie!

I tend to avoid Mickey D's as much as I can - but maybe you'll find someone!

Cyndy said...

Mike is going to McDonalds all the time and getting pieces...we only need one more railroad or one more of a couple of pieces. Talk to Mike and he may have a few piece to share.