Saturday, October 9, 2010


Warning:  This is venting post.

I think I have reached my max on tolerating negativity from others.

My personality is to bite my tongue and shake my head, but on the inside I am screaming for the person to just shut up and get over it already.

Looking at the world as if it's out to get you doesn't do you any good. And makes others be irritated and like you just a little less.

I don't wanna hear you complain about your job.  Wake up....not everyone has one.
I don't wanna hear you complain about your kids and how they misbehave.  They won't always love you unconditionally.
I don't wanna hear you complain about others and how you think things should be done.  Everyone has different opinions and ways of doing their job.  In the end, it still gets done.

I try to be a friend with open ears, but sometimes I wish I could find ear plugs.


Gina said...

Your post rings true and I realize that you could totally be talking about me. I'm sorry that lately I've been negative. Trying to change my outlook.