Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am deeply considering whether or not I want a Costco membership. 

I've been a guest in them before while shopping with others, but I don't know if I'll get my money's worth out of getting one all to myself.

Buying in bulk seems like a good idea, but where am I going to put all of it.  And who's going to eat all of it.  It's just me and my sister.  I don't have tons of mouths to feed.  $2.45 for a pound of hamburger is a great deal but do I need 7 pounds of it.  I need a bigger deep freezer if that's how much I get. 

Now if I could split the product and the cost with someone else, that could be a more viable option.  But that gets tricky too with scheduling shopping time together.  I work such crazy odd hours that I think it'd be hard to match up times with anyone. 

If only it were a little more convenient.  If only 242 wasn't closed.  If only Roseville had passed the business referendum (and thus a Costco was on the top of the list) instead of putting up a park and ride and old people housing near 35W and Cty. Rd C.  If only...someday....maybe.


Beth said...

We do Sam's Club because it's more convenient right now and we stock up on the dry goods like toilet paper, paper towels and that kind of thing and pretty much only have to buy it about once a year, maybe twice. And it's cheap and it saves us not having to buy those kinds of things with our weekly groceries.

Gina said...

I have a Sam's Club membership as well. We also buy our paper goods there. I buy my hambuger meat in bulk and divide it and freeze it. If you ever want to go and buy something let me know!

simplicity said...

We have a Costco membership and I go about once a week. We buy milk, eggs, yogurt, soy milk, lunch box snacks, bread, etc. etc from there. We don't typically get meat there but sometimes Ill get ground turkey or something. If you'd ever like to meet up at the MG Costco and get some things let me know and you can tag along with my crazy!! :)