Friday, October 8, 2010

Home Improvements

Where have I been?  Have I really missed out on an entire month?  Man, time flies when your having fun.

Many things have come and gone during this month's time.  But these are the only things I can think of off the top of my head.

  • After purchasing my "Last Supper" masterpiece (see previous post), I decided to painted all the unpainted walls of my house.  This includes the whole livingroom (20 foot ceilings), the dining room, the staircase (20 foot ceilings), the hallway and the loft.  It's a subtle shade of white called Cotton Whisper.  It is a complimentary shade to my kitchen, which is sage.
  • After painting, I thought it was time to redecorate so I moved furniture around to eliminate junk accrual.  Well, I'll still accrue it but at least it won't be noticeable to guests. It will all be strategically placed.
  • Finally decided that I'm a grown-up and it was time that I bought mature furniture.  So I purchased a new couch for the loft from the Becker Furniture Liquidation Superstore at Northtown.  I got tired of sitting on dorm furniture for 6 years (fouton, butterfly chairs, bean bags). 
  • The sheet-rock in the basement is almost finished.  Dad framed in the egress window sill and just kept on going.  Just interior wall left to do then it's tape, mud, paint.  Dad knows a guy he used to work with and he can get scrape carpeting.  Maybe we can get some large pieces and lay them down instead of having just scatter rugs.
  • Now the next thing on my to-do list is to look for something to put in between my dining room and the living room.  I'm leaning more towards a sideboard but am not opposed to a simple bookcase.  I stopped in at Schneiderman's last week to see if they still carry my dining room table.....they do.  They manufacturer has a photo of my table in their catalog with a sideboard in the background but it's not listed as being for sale.  Major bummer because if it were for sale....problem solved.  But now I have to shop around for something that is going to match while not matching.  So we'll see how everything turns out.


Gina said...

Wow!!! You've been busy! Post some pictures...can't wait to see.