Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I'm proud to say that I was one of those crazy people who got up at 4 am to watch Will & Kate get married.  I watched the BBC from 4am until I had to leave for work at 5:50 am.  One of the doctors dug out an old TV and set it up in the breakroom.  From 7- 7:15am, 10 of us where huddled around a 6" TV watching the countdown for the balcony kiss.  Once I got home at 7:30 pm, I watched 20/20 with Barbara Walters for Wedding Highlights.

Maybe it's just me but I have an attachment to William.  No, attachments that wrong word; more of an interest. Mainly because we're the same age (just a month apart) and we would have been in the same grade if we attend the same school.

I know everyone has there opinion about the wedding and I'm writing to put my two cents in.

She's attractive and he's handsome himself....even when he doesn't have a hat on.  

The dress.  Loved it.  Well, the top of it anyhow....the lace, the sweetheart neckline! The skirt wasn't my taste but the train was lovely.  And I also liked that her veil was transparent so that you could see her face.

The Military uniform.  William and Harry looked sharp, as did Princes Charles and Phillip.  You know what they say about a man in uniform.

Pippa.  Some say that her dress was inappropriate and that she shouldn't have worn white.  We don't know English tradition.  Maybe Kate picked out the dress or gave her blessing over the color.  It looked flattering  and gorgeous and if I had curves like her, I'd wear it too.

The hats.  I have a bunch of hats from my late grandma in my basement.  She wore them  back in the 30's and 40's.  Now I can bring them back into fashion.  I just need a wedding to attend ; )

The kiss.  Thank goodness there were two of them.  The first one wasn't good enough.  It shouldn't be just a peck but should be tasteful.

The car.  Sweet ride.  Driving into the sunset with the cliche license plate: Ju5t Wed.  I think it's funny that it looks like something you would find here in the states.  Streamers tucked into the visors.  Balloons purchased from the nearest party outlet.  The thing that made it classy was the omittance of tin cans. 

Public -vs.- Private.  I'm happy that they choose to share their wedding with the world.  But respect that they want their privacy in their daily life.  I'm fine with hearing tidbits of the royal family's charity or upcoming birthday's or anniversaries but I don't need to know when they take out their trash or what they are buying for dinner.  Give them their space to be PEOPLE.  It must be awfully claustrophobic to feel watched all the time...and creepy too.

I'm happy that William and Kate found each other.  And I think they made the right decision on waiting to get married.  Hopefully it will make their union strong and long lasting.  They seem truly in love and I wish them the best.  Lastly, they are going to have dang cute kids!