Monday, February 21, 2011

Movie Monday

Date of Viewing: Saturday, February 19, 2011
Method of Viewing:  Netflix DVD
Rating: 0 out of 5 Stars
A-Listers:  None

Attention All:  Please, please, Not watch this movie.  Listen to your gut.  The title is sucks!  I wanted to laugh.  I was waiting for it to be funny.  But it just wasn't.  The one and only part that I did give a little chuckle to was when "Charlie Swan" was sparing/fighting with "Billy Black".  It was funny because "Billy" kicked "Charlie" in the face.  Ummm...hello...he's in a wheelchair because he's PARALYZED!  And laughing at a guy in a wheelchair getting beat up is kind of mean.

From the time it began until the time that it ended, I kept thinking "I'd rather be watching the originals."

The only actors that I recognized were Ken Jeone ("Aro").  He was the guy who delivered Katherine Heigel's baby in "Knocked Up".  The other guy was Diedrich Bader ("Charlie").  You know who he is but just don't know his name.  He was on "The Drew Carey Show", "Miss Congeniality: Armed and Fabulous" and "Beverly Hillbillies: The Movie".  

Is that sad or what?  The guy that plays "Bella's" father was a hillbilly.  Actually, that sums it up.  It really was quite sad.