Thursday, August 4, 2011


In my last post, someone published a comment implying that I was racist.  This person, of course, published this comment under "Anonymous" because they don't have the courage to use their Google user-name.  But as the middle school saying goes....."Takes one to know one".

Reading that comment set the tone for my day.  And I've been thinking about it all day.  So lets talk about it because I need to get it all off my chest.  You, as my reader, don't need to agree with what I say or any of my beliefs.  That's why we are individuals. You can speak and think for yourself too.  Being politically correct is exhausting.  Even if you think you aren't prejudice, you are.

In my previous post, I said that I was going to "refrain for disclosing their ethnicity".  I guess that is where I went all wrong, because there were more than just one.  If my memory is correct, (it's been a long week) there were three total on the opposing team.  My ethnicity is included so I guess that means that I am prejudice against myself.  Funny!  I am not a white supremacists either.  I am an equal-opportunity befriender.

Here is a list of my prejudices. I am willing to admit them with my head held high.

I have a prejudice against cats.  I am NOT a cat person.  I think they are an ugly creature.  However, my best friends have cats, as does a close cousin.  I like cat-people, just not cats themselves.  I think that this is based on the fact that I am allergic to them.  Itchy throat, red puffy eyes, sneezing and stuffy nose.  I feel miserable just thinking about my symptoms.

I have a prejudice against Ford Motor Company.  I will NEVER own a Ford vehicle.  Growing up it was Chevy, Chevy, Chevy!  Even if they have superior quality, better gas mileage, and where the only American car company to not get bailed out my the US government, I don't care.  Chevy all the way baby!

I have a prejudice against Totino-Grace.  The rich, snobby kids that didn't give me a chance to be their friend in elementary and middle school went here.   They probably thought they were too good for public school.

I have a prejudice against Johovah's Witness.  They are pushy people that keep ringing the doorbell even though mom closes the blinds and makes me turn off the TV so they won't know we're home.  I also like celebrating my birthday.

I have a prejudice against Wisconsin.  I don't know why, I just do.  Maybe it's the whole Vikings vs. Packers thing even though I could care less about football.  I really should reconsider this because Wisconsin along the St. Croix is actually really beautiful.  How sad is this....I once turned down a date because he lived in Amery.  He wasn't "the one" so no biggie.

The two things (that's all I can think of at this moment) that I can say that I am in agreement with that others may not be are:

Abortion rights.  I think women should have the option to be pro-choice.  Let me explain.  I absolutely think that if a couple chooses to have sex WILLINGLY, both partners need to be prepared to have a child and be parents.  However, in the event that the women is NOT a willing participant, she shouldn't be forced to be reminded of that emotional and physical trauma for nine months.

Gay rights.  I do believe church and state should be separate.   As a Catholic, I understand that gay marriage isn't recognized by God.  But we live in the 21st century.  As a registered voter of Minnesota, I would support gay marriage if it was on a ballot.  They have the right for the ability to share health-care, to have their partner be a legal immigrant, to file joint taxes, to have joint parenting and adoption rights, and most important...being able to be listed as next-of-kin in the event of emergency medical decisions or death among others.


Gina said...

Way to go for standing up what you believe in and feel. And just my weren't being a racist with your last post. Like you said, it could have been any race you just weren't going to say who (white, black, Native American, Mexician, etc...)You were just simply describing a situation where people forgot the real reason of why they were you said - to have fun!

simplicity said...

Just catching up....not sure I see the racism either...i agree with gina. Good job standing up for what you believe in!