Sunday, July 31, 2011

Don't Mess With The Baseball Bat: A Softball Sunday Story

Tonight was our last softball game of the season.   Again I was not really looking forward to it because of the heat.  I heard that it was supposed to rain Sunday night and Monday morning and I was hoping that it would at least hold off until after our games were done.  No rain but it was still a bust.

You see... our opposing team had many issues.  They were tardy.  They were unorganized.  They were un-athletic.  They couldn't pitch.  They couldn't field the ball either.  It took us forever to start the game and when we were 40 minutes into it, we were only in the 3rd inning.  We should have been at least into 5 or 6 by then.  But what put the umpire over the edge, and thus calling both games in our favor, was what transpired when they took the field in the top of the next inning.

They were again slow to take the field but words were exchanged between the first baseman and the pitcher.  I heard a couple of F-bombs.  We were in shock that they were fighting...they are on the same team.  Next thing I see, the pitcher going back to the bench to grab a baseball bat and then he swaggered back towards first base, threatening to use it as a weapon.

I will refrain from disclosing their ethnicity.  But it's acts like this that give a group of people a bad rap. We're here to have fun and play the great American summer sport.  This behavior might fly in a bar league, but this is through Community Ed and the fields are in a family neighborhood park.  We, as adults, are role models for the kids that are playing in and around these parks.  If they see unsportsmanlike, they pick it up too.  You need to respect the other team, but even more important, respect your TEAMMATES!

"What did we do next?" you might be asking.  The same thing you would do in this situation....we headed to the 5-8 Club to unwind, chill out and grab some beers. 

While we were at the 5-8 Club, I was chatting with a girl who was playing catcher.  She said that the umpire must have know about the behavior of this team.  He said that we would be lucky to make it to 4 innings.  Yup.  That's about right.  But you have to admit that we went out with some flare!


Anonymous said...

Either these two were ambassadors for their race or you are at least slightly racist.

Julie said...

Racist? Seriously?? I was trying to avoid that and you missed the point of the story.

Somebody has to spoil it for everyone else.
White people have hillbillies.
Black people have thugs.
Middle Eastern countries has world-known terrorists.
Italians and Russians have the mob.
Germans have Nazis.
Minnesota has Columbia Heights.

The Golden Rule: Treat yourself as you wish to treat other people. Don't get in someone's face especially with a baseball bat in front of little kids!