Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Spring can finally start for Easter is here!

This weekend has come and gone in a blur.

Friday: I had the day off of work so I spent it doing some baby shower shopping in Maple Grove.  My sister accompanied me and we went to Baby Gap, Children's Place, Pottery Barn Kids, Gymboree, and Babies 'R' Us.  Out of all of those stores, I had the most luck at Babies 'R' Us.  I love that store...I wish I had discovered it earlier for previous baby showers.  Little Kailyn's room motif is monkeys.  I had the most fun looking for little things that had monkeys on them.  I knew I wanted to do a summer theme so I got her a swimsuit, Little Swimmers diapers and baby sunscreen.  But I splurged a little and bought her a giant stuffed monkey.  It's about the size of a 2 years old...and it's so cute.

Saturday: Mom and Dad came down last night and they're going to stay for a couple of days.  Dad went to Menards to buy a couple sheets of Sheetrock.  He's hoping to put the last pieces up and be done with it by Monday.  All that will be left if to tape, mud and paint.  It's starting to feel less and less like a cement room.  On Saturday afternoon, Mom and I went to see Jersey Boys at the Orpheum.  I've had these tickets in my freezer for a year and a half.  It feels good to finally thaw them out and trade them in for a balcony seat.  I thought the show was going to be like "Mamma Mia"....a show set to the music of an artist.  I was pleasantly surprised for it to actually be about The Four Seasons and their rise and fall of fame.  Great casting, great singers, great play!  I'd definitely see it again.  The playbill had shows for the 2011-2012 season.  I'm interested in seeing The Lion King, Blue Man Group, Green Day's American Idiot, and Million Dollar Quartet.  This could get spendy.

Sunday:  Mom and I went to church at St. Paul's in Ham Lake.  The only think I like about that place is the architecture: pine ceilings and brick walls.  We are not "Put Your Hands In The Air And Shout Hallelujah" people.  We are "Sit Stand Kneel and Keep Quiet" people.  Traditional not Contemporary.
When we got home we started on making the Easter spread...too much food for four people as usual.  Ham will be coming out of my ears in a few weeks.
After lunch, we descended on the basement again and finished the sheet rock.  Mom and I rearranged the twin beds and side tables.  I looks so nice that I might have to move my bedroom to the basement now.  After supper, we all sat down in front of the tube and watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie "Beyond The Blackboard" and then headed for bed.  A perfect end to a busy weekend.


Beth said...

If you get a chance to see the Lion King - DO IT. I saw it nearly 15 years ago when it first came out and it's still one of the most amazing stage shows I've ever seen. Truly.