Tuesday, April 5, 2011

IRS Scare

I got home from work tonight and noticed the mail sitting on the kitchen counter.  And I found a smile on my face when I saw the envelope on the top of the pile.  It was my Federal refund.  I've been waiting weeks for it.  I got my State refund so fast that I was beginning to think that the Federal got lost in the mail.

And then my heart stopped when I saw a second letter with an IRS logo on it. I being audited?  I don't want to be audited!

I opened it with apprehension.  It was a letter saying that my direct deposit didn't go through and that my a refund CHECK would be in the mail shortly.  Hahaha.   The US Department of Treasury is a little slow!


Beth said...

Oh man, I'd be freaking out a bit too! Glad it wasn't anything bad!!