Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fly Ball Catcher

When Softball Sundays come around, it's a love/hate relationship.  I love the sights, sounds and smells of it.  But on nights like tonight....not so much.  When you're playing in the 90 degree humidity and the drizzle, the line between rain and sweat is blurry. 

Somebody was smart enough to bring Gatorade for all of us.  We definitely benefited from the re-hydrating electrolytes.  We swept both games.

When our double header was over, I took off my socks and shoes to put on my flip flops.  My toes were all wrinkly as if I was in the bath tub.  And my feet were still so sweaty that I couldn't keep my flip flops on.  I had to walk back to the car barefoot.

Tonight was my night.  I got a base hit, a couple of walks and made it to home base once.  But I was on fire in right field.  I caught 3 fly balls, two of which were from a lefty.  And I didn't just catch balls; I did some moves that were a little more fancy.  The first was behind my back ( I was running away from the batter into deeper outfield territory).  The second I ran up on because I knew that the Second Basemen couldn't get to it.  The third I caught like a football.  One minute it was in my glove, the next I was cradling it like a baby.

Catching those fly balls felt so good.  To steal those away from some big guys is like saying "Haha.  Not on my watch!"  For those of you who don't know much about co-ed softball, they usually put sub-par girls in right field.  And I'm not sub-par.  I would prefer to play second base or catcher but those positions are already spoken for.  First and short-stop go to guys and I'm definitely NOT taking third.  So that leaves me outfield.  Surprise, surprise for those big burly guys to underestimate me.

Only one more Softball Sunday left of the season.  Let's hope things go just as well as tonight.